Tuesday, 22 October 2013

What Is YouTube Video Loop & How It Works?

YouTube Video Loop

YouTube is a wonderful resource. You have access to innumerable videos on different subjects. Viewers free to watch all sorts of videos. To view a specific video, you need to click on it to start playing. That is not all. What to do once you want to view the same video time and again? There is an answer to this. This is where the concept of the YouTube video loop comes in. There is software available that help in this process. You would not be required to step up every time and replay the video. For a person who needs to view a video repeatedly for some reason, this tool is a boon.

How It Works

The concept is the same that is followed in the case of programs where you need to run the same sequence of incidents over and over again. You create a loop so that the program comes back to the point of beginning after executing a set of events. The same thing can be done in the case of YouTube videos. Once the entire video runs and ends, the software or the program takes it back to the beginning, and it keeps running till the next instruction. So, that allows you to sit back and watch the video for the number of times you want. This is the YouTube loop.

Give a free try to make a YouTube video loop

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