Friday, 6 December 2013

A Tribute to Paul Walker

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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Top 9 Tips for Viral Video Marketing

Want to make your video popular? No doubt, YouTube is the best platform for it!

If you are about to launch a video on YouTube then you must ensure that it has all features that shall help you in getting more and more views. It must have a proper combination of all most-demanded stuffs like humor, music, style and content. Here are a few tips which might help you in designing and posting a perfect video on YouTube

1. Authentic

The videos posted by you needs to be authentic. The characters inside the video must know about the posting of that particular video. Although, technology is smart enough to help people in sniffing fake stuffs inside the video. But, in order to spread the right message, authenticity of the video is very important. Posting of authentic videos help you in building a good repute among the regular viewers along with the enhancement of creditability. Other than that, posting authentic videos on well recognized platforms like YouTube will help you in building trusts and contacts. 

2. Irreproducible

In order to post a popular video, it has to be very unique. One must try to be creative and post something which cannot be copied. The events which the viewers have already seen numerous times will never attract them, as they always look for something new and irreproducible!

3. Odd

People enjoy things which are different! So, always try to be the odd one. Because it easy to mix well in the crowd but the thing that stands out and shine in the crowd – are always appreciated! So, try to make your video different in order to experience better viewing results.

4. Humor

Today, people love to get entertained! So, don’t forget to add that humor element into your videos. Humor is accepted by all types of people. So, there is no chance of its failure! A video without any humor becomes too serious. So, if your video doesn’t involves any particular topic or subject which requires solemnity then please don’t fail to add humor to it.

5. Musical

A video is incomplete without music. Always choose the music which would go best with your video. Make sure that the music you have selected is entertaining and it should not irritate the viewers. Music even helps you in showing emotions deeply which cannot be shown verbally. So, Videos without music are like tea without sugar!

6. Surprising

People love to get the unexpected. So, surprises are another important element which adds interest to your video. They help in showing your skills and creativity. Everyone loves surprise! So, the best way to make your video viral is creating a video full of surprises, which the viewers have never seen before. So, be creative and surprise your viewers with unexpected events!

7. Impressive

In order to achieve long term success one needs to create a strong impression of the viewers. The video which you will post, will work as a report of your talent. If you are good at mixing all the important ingredients in the right quantity for creating a perfect video then you are likely to create a strong and long lasting impression on your viewers.

8. Parodies

Avoid Mocking! Always create a video with fair intentions to make it viral, collect more and more viewers and to entertain them.

9. Timely

The timing of your video needs to be perfect. The events described should be sensible and appropriate!


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Monday, 2 December 2013

Endorsing Brands With The Help of Video Incorporation

This year, you formed a choice to use video which attach you and your client in a loop. So,

  • What sort of videos will help you to do this? 
  • What is the best goal for your business?
  • What sources of videos are available for promotion?

Following is the list of videos types that can be used to enhance awareness, establish customer trust and create lead generation for a particular brand name.

Interpreter Video

Tutorial or explainer videos allow customers to know exactly what they are trying to execute. Such videos are not only great for establishing expertness but also serve as a viable option for capturing all vital “hack” and “how to” theme queries in search engine results.

Webinar Video

If you are into using screen flow for recording a software demo to establish the team during the latest stall or using GoToWebinar for recording presentations that are specifically intended for priority consumers, then do not sit crossbones at all. Post it without giving a second though and let everyone benefit from the information you have.
The content one uses mostly gets wasted. Thus one must always resort to searching some news ways of promoting the created content.

Reviews Video

Product reviews are one of the most important parts of the corporate video world. It has been often seen that most of the customers gain confidence over the products after watching the promotional videos. More confidence directly results in lesser returns, lesser sales calls and more satisfied consumers.

PSAs Video

Promoting a particular brand through videos is one of the best ways of provoking an emotional response of the consumers. If you have limited budget then that can be utilized for creating videos, sounds and sights.

Video PSA is specifically created for New York Council in order to spread awareness about gambling odds. The impact of this particular video was outstanding on people. It was hit and had a real impact over them.

Ethnicity Video

Culture videos are greatly losing their importance. However, some of them still continue to lure people.  Videos which are directly connected to the lives of people for endorsing brands are the ones which exist. They can be utilized for showing off the team, your passion for the team and the secret sauce.

Testaments Video

Whether it is from client sharing, industry partners or any other way to endorse your brand, testimonial is one of the ultimate ways for establishing social proofs.

Liveliness Video

Whether one uses animation or hires motion graphic company, animation has always remained a powerful tool to be incorporated in content marketing. The major reason being used animation is that it provides creativity to the brand. With the help of brand character and animation, you can give a new dimension to your created brand. Animation renders visual and emotional stimulation which results in creating a long lasting impression about the brand.

Instagram Video

Charity: water, Wendy’s, Oreo and General Electric are some of the most popular brands that have jumped into instagram for creating a splash with the help of short-form videos. As a matter of fact, 40% of the most popular 1000 instagram videos belong to some or the other famous brand. Instagram is a great outlet for showing off the spirit of your brand name. It inspires people around you as well as creating community who helps in the promotion of the brand.


With numbers of different strategies to incorporate videos in the content marketing one has, there is hardly any reason left for the failure of any brand. Do try out some or the other video flavor for the success of your brand.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Tips To Get Enhanced Views on Your YouTube Videos

Nowadays, extensive advertisement strategies are the only ways of business establishment. People from all parts of the world prefer to upload their products over YouTube in order to endorse them. The website deals with millions of people from all corners of the world. YouTube promotion has lately gained a lot of importance. If one really eager to promote the product, then one should make sure that one enhances the viewership of the videos tremendously.

There are some important factors that must be pondered in order to get more views on YouTube. Automated programs immensely help in the promotion of videos. The automated programs give an ultimate answer to the question how to increase YouTube viewership.

Needless to speak, people who upload videos over the YouTube desire to get enhanced numbers of views in order to endorse their products. Following are the top most 8 tips that shall help you to enhance your YouTube viewership.

Optimizing Video Titles

In order to optimize titles, one must try to be creative and invent a title that is absolutely unique. In case one copies the title which has already existed over the internet then one is sure to lose viewers. The title should not be copied pasted no matter how attractive it is.

Optimizing Description of Videos

One must describe the contents of the videos in details. One can also choose to paste reference link along with the descriptive video. The back links are really helpful in enhancing the rank of a site in Google search results.

Becoming A Part of A Community

In order to achieve long term success one must become a part of the communities that are subscribed by majority of people.  Making friends, subscribing to well-known channels and commenting on various videos helps to establish long term contacts. One can make new friends by sending requests or subscribing to channels you like. Making collaborative videos also help people maintain new contacts thereby getting more responses from people. It is quite obvious that the numbers of friends are directly related to the viewership of the video.  The friend’s invitation program is valid software that instigates a large number of people to watch the video and also share it amongst their kith and kin.

Doing Joint Ventures with YouTube

Joint ventures are one of the best ways for enhancing the viewership for a YouTube video. Joint ventures are also known as YouTube “traffic tricks”. As soon as one establishes an appropriate presence in the YouTube community, the next step is studying potential partners and spending some quality time in knowing them along with their channels, websites and their acquaintances. By establishing contacts with interlinked people, one tends to gain enhanced viewership for the uploaded YouTube video.

Promoting Your Video

Endorse your video in other websites as well. By endorsing videos on social networking sites, one tends to get more responses through share button. One can share the video on Twitter, Facebook, stumble upon, LinkedIn, Digg etc. One can also email the video thereby letting one`s friends view it. By emailing video links, one can get enhanced traffic instantly.

Let me know what is your strategy for optimizing YouTube videos and increase their views.

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